Shopper Terms of Use

ZuluFoxtrot is a website that promotes Merchant sales to its exclusive Shopper database, along with affiliated databases. It sells vouchers that the Shopper is able to exchange for goods and services at retailer and merchant establishments marketed by ZuluFoxtrot. ZuluFoxtrot assumes that the Shopper has the legal standing to perform activities and purchases they undertake on the site. The Shopper agrees by using this site and reviewing all required policies as described on the site, that the Shopper agrees to all terms and conditions contained on the site, and is legally able to perform the purchases offered by ZuluFoxtrot.

All vouchers are purchased for the purpose of buying goods or services from participating Merchants on the system. ZuluFoxtrot is not responsible, in any manner, for goods, services or rewards purchased as a result of the voucher redemption or receipt. And you, the Shopper, absolve ZuluFoxtrot, its subsidiaries, officers, agents, business associates and partners, from any and all liability for the actions of the Merchant in performing its activities.

In the event the Merchant refuses acceptance of the ZuluFoxtrot voucher, ZuluFoxtrot, upon notification and proof of that event, will, within 7 days, credit the Shopper's account for those unfulfilled vouchers.

Each voucher offer has specific terms and conditions associated with it. The Shopper is expected to read all individual voucher terms and conditions and comply with each. Any actions required by ZuluFoxtrot due to non-performance will be allowable only as they relate to the stated terms and conditions on the individual offer.

Each Shopper is responsible for his own statements, and should understand that any statement made about the ZuluFoxtrot or associated Merchant services can be repeated in the public domain, including any personal information volunteered as a result of these statements.

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You may have reached the ZuluFoxtrot website via a link from another website. If so, we want you to know that its website is not under the control of ZuluFoxtrot and ZuluFoxtrot cannot be responsible for this linking site or any other linking sites it may be linked to. We allow these linking sites for your convenience only and they do not imply endorsement by ZuluFoxtrot of the content of any of these other linked sites.

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